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Brokerage business standards

Over time, it becomes easier and easier to find a reliable company on the Internet that would work for a long time, would have no problems, quickly withdraw money and provide good trading conditions for its customers. There are quite a lot of articles, video reviews and other information that distinguishes a real brokerage company from a company that just wants to look like that. Unfortunately, not everyone is interested in this information, but they begin to look for it when they experience their first failure in trading. We decided to let our clients know the standards of the brokerage business, the knowledge of which will help you on your way.

The company must necessarily provide public information on the registration of the company

The brokerage company can be registered anywhere, in the offshore zone (the most popular: st.Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Cyprus), in the Eurozone, Australia or Asia, the difference in the tax system and the political reliability of the registrar. In any case, the certificate of registration or a link to it should be easily accessible on the site.


Broker is obliged to provide documents that describe his activity: public offer (client agreement - contract between brokerage company and client), notification of risks, Anti Money Laundering (clarification of anti-money laundering policy).

How is my money protected?

We understand that the security of funds is of the utmost importance to all of our clients, which is why we make such security a top priority. Please note that in accordance with MAS (Singapore Monetary Authority) regulation, ACAInvestCorporation strictly adheres to the client money rules stipulated by said regulation requiring all client funds to be segregated and accounted for separately to protect our clients' assets.

For this reason, ACAInvestCorporation has charters in place with all custodians holding client assets and we perform a daily calculation of separate client funds to ensure that all client assets are properly segregated.

In the unlikely event of a default, all client assets would be protected and segregated, clients would have creditor priority over any and all claims. In addition, ACAInvestCorporation maintains significant excess capital above regulatory requirements, actively reviews and monitors counterparty risk, and is governed by a risk committee comprised of members of senior management.