Client area

To become a client of ACAInvestCorporation you need to go through a quick registration process (fill out a small form with your personal data).

This is a confirmation of the authenticity of the account. In simple terms, you are confirming that you are a real person and that you are acting on your own behalf. Account verification is necessary to combat money laundering and to protect the safety and security of our customers.

You need to provide a photo or scan of a document that you received from a government agency. It must contain your name and surname, as well as a photo. For example, a passport, passport or driver’s license.

You must also tell us where you live by sending us a photo or scan of your rent or utility bill (your first and last name must be listed).

ACAInvestCorporation offers the opportunity to trade currency pairs, stocks, indices and commodities, including CFDs on these trading instruments. You can find out more about assets and trading them on our Markets page.

ACAInvestCorporation stores all personal customer data on secure servers. We do not transfer or sell your confidential information to third parties. In turn, our website is protected by SSL encryption, which reduces data leakage to zero.

Leverage is the ratio of a trader’s funds to the total volume he trades. To put it simply, it’s working with borrowed funds from the broker. You can open large positions with a small deposit, which allows you to multiply your profits many times over.